Regardless of you’re creating your social media plan from scratch or refining your current strategy, following a process for reflecting some key questions is a very valuable exercise. I like to keep things as simple as possible, so today I’m sharing 12 things to ask yourself when you start creating your strategy.

The idea behind these questions is to keep your social media activities as straightforward and little time-consuming as possible, yet giving you the best ROI (don’t we all love that?!)

1 about your goals

What is your overall purpose with social media? The most typical posts and interaction on different social media channels are for one or more of the following reasons: brand building, lead generating, sales, or connecting with the possible partners and media. Each of these goals requires a different kind of approach and different tactics. So what is your main goal?

2 about your target audience

Who are you marketing to? Who are you going to attract? In order to gain the maximum return on your money or time spent on marketing, you need to be clear about who you wish to attract with your marketing. Focus on them, and ignore the rest. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be serving others too, but at least you will attract the kind of people you want to serve.

3 about their whereabouts

Where do these people hang out? Where are your ideal customers? If you try to market to consumers, make sure you choose platforms where they hang out. If your ideal client is a Hotel Owner, maybe they are not hunting for services on Facebook. Know where they hang out and be there.

4 about their pain points

What are their biggest pain points? How can your services or products solve their pain? Think about the benefits of your offering. People rarely want to have a sofa or a dining table, but they want to have a cozy place that fits the whole extended family for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. Figure out the real benefits of your offering.

5 about your brand

What’s your brand’s unique voice? How do you want to be seen on social media? What’s your personality type? Make sure you communicate in ways that are true to your brand.

6 about your content

What type of content do you want to create? Do you prefer making videos to writing? Or are beautiful flat lays your thing? Do they tell your brand story? Decide what type of content fits your goal (1), target audience (2) and where they hang out (3). What’s your message? Is it clear enough?

7 about your distribution

How often and how are you going to distribute your content? They say content is king, but really, your distribution is queen. Who rules? Queen of course ?

8 about your customer journey

How does your customer journey look like? What do you want to do with the leads you attract through social media? You probably know by now that only a handful of all traffic to your website or shop actually converts into customers. Do you have a plan to take your visitors to become customers?

9 about measuring

How do you measure your marketing efforts? Amount followers and growth each week? Amount leads? What percentage of your visitors was converted? How much traffic do you get? Use the free tools such as Google Analytics to measure every-dang-thing.

10 about tracking

How do you track down the people who came to your website or store but didn’t make a purchase or leave their contact details? If you use Facebook or Instagram, you can easily install the FB pixel into your website and create a targeted audience of your visitors, and then show a relevant ad to them based on their behaviors on your website. (by the way, you’ve been targeted!)

11 about your budget

What is your budget for marketing? What is your time spent on marketing and social media? Do you understand the relation between the cost of marketing and your pricing?  

12 about consistency

Are you in it for the long run or wish for some magic tricks to turn your social media marketing into big client accounts and massive monies? The sooner you realize marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, the happier you will be the small improvements in your business and revenue.