How does your 12-18 months plan look like? Any major shifts or changes in your life or business?

Many business owners I talk to tell the same story: they are doing okayish, sometimes even very well, but somehow something feels a bit… off.

Or, the ones who not yet have jumped off the 9-5 bandwagon, they just can’t get it together… what to do, what to focus on, in which order to do things, what works for me, and why?

Many have tried a lot of tactics and technics, yet the results are not so very impressive.  

I read in one of my favorite books about this great step-by-step approach to getting whatever results you’re looking to get. Let me summarize:


  1. decide EXACTLY what you want. Not vague stuff like ‘happiness’ or ‘more money’. Be very precise.
  2. decide what you are going to give in return. No results happen without input, so you must decide what your input is. When I went to an Engineering School (whooa years back!) I remember we talked about the I/O machine. It was in the early IT years, but the same rules still apply to pretty much everything:  

You need to make an INPUT – to get an OUTPUT.  

  • You want to earn good money as a property flipper? Well, you need to buy that property first.
  • You want to earn multiple figures in your business? Well, you need to invest in the right help, strategies, and tactics. 
  1. decide a DATE when this is going to be true.
  2. now you create a PLAN. You know your goal, and you know what you invest. Now make an action plan to get there.
  3. write down the exact steps what you are going to do.
  4. write down the exact amount of investment (money, time) you are going to use as your input.
  5. imagine how it feels when you are there.
  6. now place yourself in a mindset of already being there. This is crucial! In order to get where you are going, you have to start ACTING and BEING like you already were there.

Example from my life…

I want to tell you how this process appeared in my life.

(Two of those dudes are mine) 

So for some time ago, I started visualizing our life in Spain. Or, let’s back a bit.

I live in Sweden with my family of one handsome hubby and two cute kiddos. I’m originally from Finland (yeah!)

We are a little fed up with the Swedish weather and all, so we are looking to do something about it… and that has led us on a journey which we lovingly call ‘let’s find our spot in the sun’. And found we did, alright!

For some years ago we fell in love with Spain, and a little later totally lost our hearts in Andalucia. So, we’re on a journey of becoming residents of Andalucia. (<– audacious, specific goal)

A few months after we had been there and decided that’s the right place for us, something really exciting happened…

Move the needle for my business

I started thinking about public speaking.

Never had that interest (aka been scared of the whole thing) but now I started imaging how it would FEEL to stand on a stage and speak about the stuff that I love.

Morning routines

I started TALKING in my living room every morning. I would add a small talk into my morning routine, just between exercising (yoga/running), and my gratitude checkup. (more about the morning routines later). So now I also practiced speaking.

The invitation

Then one day, after a few weeks of morning practice, I got an invitation to speak at this conference…

In Marbella, Andalucia, Spain.

Cool, no?

By the way, I’m going back this coming Spring again, and I’m planning to host an extended business conference that same weekend. Hit me with an email if you’re interested!


My point is this: be very clear and precise about what you want and when you want it. Then start taking intentional steps towards that goal. Magic starts to happen…