Courses & Workshops

Learn the Avenue Method™

After this on-demand workshop, you’ll have

  • clarity on your current stage and what you should be doing next
  • understanding of the cornerstones of a sustainable, joyful business
  • clarity on the 9 elements of growth
  • clarity on how to design, systemize, and digitalize your business
  • clarity on the growth stages and what happens in each stage
  • understanding of how your business, leadership, decisions, and investments change when you level up
  • a roadmap to implement the methodology to grow your business with ease
Avenue Method by Tiina Wilen

Create Your First Digital Product

Digital Product Mastery with Tiina Wilen

Are you interested in creating digital products but have no idea…

  • if it would work for you?
  • what kind of digital products you can create (there are many more options than an online course)?
  • where to start?
  • what kind of skills do you need to create digital products?
  • how to sell your digital products?

Join this mini-course where we cover

  • the different types of digital products and how they work
  • how you can choose the right one for you
  • how you can combine digital products with your personal, high-end services
  • how to charge for digital products
  • how to sell your digital product
  • what technologies do you need to deliver your digital product
  • and more!

This is a 3-h masterclass divided into 5 bite-sized sessions giving you the possibility to complete it easily within a day.

After this masterclass, you will have a plan ready to launch your digital product(s)!

Training and workbook are located in our online training portal for easy, 24/7 access.


Custom Training for Your Organization

Would you like to book Tiina to host customized training for your organization? Let’s talk! Here are some example topics that we love to customize for your needs:

  • Positioning & Brand Assets Design
  • Marketing, Sales & Delivery Process Systemization
  • Digital Transformation
Customize the AVENUE METHOD