I want to share some tips for choosing a business coach and/or mentor.

As a business owner, you wouldn’t dream of doing it all on your own, would you?  I don’t know a single successful entrepreneur (or athlete, leader, etc.) who thinks she can become successful without help.

So, I’d like to offer some help and tips regarding selecting who you work with!

1) Has she (he) built a company herself? Anyone can read a book about entrepreneurship and then start guiding others. But has she done and IMPLEMENTED the stuff herself? This is the problem with various government advisors that we, at least in Sweden, have available for businesses. They often have no experience of being the one who starts, launches, and builds (and finances…) a company. Likewise, people who have worked as consultants and managers for someone else. They are certainly great at their stuff, but not the one who should guide you in your business. Why? Because they don’t know a shit about it.

2) Does she have a system? There are many coaches and consultants who have done a lot of success but they don’t have a REPEATABLE system that you can plug-n-play into your business. Or does she teach a plethora of different tactics that are not related to each other? Like how to get followers on Instagram? Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how great you are at using IG if you don’t have a system that converts your leads into clients. Webinars? Same thing here, she must be able to apply the webinar strategy to your business model. Launches (if you are an online entrepreneur, you know what these are) … this model CAN work but gives you a horribly inconsistent income, and costs damn much money.

3) Has she ever failed? The coach who has failed and jumped on it again is your best UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. We all learn from our successes but it’s crazy how much more we learn when we fail. And I mean not just strategies and tactics, but how much we can handle. How we bounce back and build faith in ourselves again. Entrepreneurship is 80-90% mindset, enabling growth is about having the right mindset, strategies, and tactics.

4) Does she do what she teaches? For example, there are many coaches who teach meditation, Law of Attraction etc. as the most important thing to build a business. “meditate yourself to success” … “believe it and you will get there” … while I personally think meditation and LOA are important, I also know that these coaches have a whole SYSTEM for how they really make money. And it’s not by meditating. Likewise, if somebody is going to guide you to use blogging, Instagramming, or brand building as the only required way to make money, but their own money & success come from launches … no bueno.

5) Does she have other hidden advantages that really enable her ‘luxury’ life? Take a look at how your future business coach lives, and what really makes her luxurious, world-wide exploring lifestyle possible. Maybe it’s money from a previous business? A trust fond? Or rich husband? Nothing wrong with having additional incomes in any formats, or whatever works for anyone but for your sake, it’s good to understand what lies behind all the glitter and glamor.

6) Does she claim you can build a successful business in a few hours of work a week? Effin BS. Yes, you can scale your business without it costing you hundreds of extra hours but getting there requires work. A Lot.

7) Does she say you can get clients without marketing? I was just involved in an FB discussion where someone said, “If you have to market yourself, something is seriously wrong with your business,” I stabbed a virtual needle in this jerk’s eye. HELLO, every serious company advertises, markets and has a well-designed sales system. McDonald’s advertises. All airlines advertise. Every successful online store advertises. Volvo? Netflix? Spotify? Facebook? Tony Robbins? Oprah? Everybody is advertising. It’s the only way to build a consistent client flow that you can control.

8) She doesn’t really know how you could get clients? Your coach must have strategies and tools to help you get clients. Of course, if you don’t do the work, you won’t get any results, but she must have a plan to attract clients to your business. If you hear something like “just go out and shine” or “just focus on your passion” or “be yourself and the clients will come.” Run.

9) Does she say thank you but no thank you to some potential clients? This is a great sign of integrity! We can’t help everyone, and if you can’t help someone, then you shouldn’t offer to help this person. I deny prospective clients every week because I can’t help them for different reasons.

10) Is she cheap? Cheap is just not good. If you are really good at what you do, you need to get well paid. You know the impossible equation when a client wants it fast, good and cheap? Such combination doesn’t exist. If you want fast and cheap, you get bad. If you want cheap and good, you get slow. If you want fast and good, it’s going to cost you. Enough said.

So I hope this list was helpful!

If you are interested in knowing more whether I, Lotta and Coralie can help you, jump on a call with me! During this Skype call, we look at your business, map out some marketing and sales strategies, and if we feel we want to work together, I’ll come up with a plan for you. If not, you have learned some great tips and tools to continue building your business or looking for another business coach that fits your needs. Book here, I have some time left!