In the first part of this project, we build your Signature Sales System.

Here’s an important notice: since you might have several revenue models, you need to design a sales system per revenue model.

For example: if you sell high-ticket (let’s say over 10k), and an online course (2k), you will have two different sales systems.

The 10k offer needs (most likely) to be sold in consultations, whereas the 2k offer can be sold directly on the website using an offer-specific sales page. Then again, you also need to design sales events that encourage people to buy either of those!

Key point

If you want your sales to be consistent, you need a simple, repeatable system for it. Once this system is in place (and working), it makes sense to start inviting lots of people to it (by smart, systematic marketing)

We will walk through many revenue models and how we’d recommend you to design your sales system, but as always – your business is as unique as you are, and the models might not be exactly what you want to use. However, you can get a lot of ideas from the different models and start building your own signature sales system!