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Q & A

Use the Wall for all questions. The whole #TeamAvenue is in the chat daily!

The Wall is available for all our Coaching Program members.

Each quarter, we host a special week with workshops and assignments that are focused on planning. We set the vision, direction, plan, and goal, and measure the outcome from the previous quarter. Highly recommended to join!

Your cancellation policy is stated in your payment copy, and the policies are different depending on the service you have purchased.

We close the doors 5 min past start, and given that we host several workshops / month, if nobody could participate at that time, we will end the streaming. Please, be on time if you want to join the workshop!

The pages inside the portal are controlled according to what level of access you have, contact us with the form if there is an error.

Sometimes low internet connection or some other bugs cause havoc – here are some tips to test:

  • log out and in again
  • switch to a better internet connection
  • refresh the page

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