Marketing makes your head hurt?

It's time to get systematic with your growth

Let's Build Momentum in Your Business!

We work with experts, service professionals and iconic product brands who want build premium elegant, modern, and scalable companies.

Do you…

  • want to position your business and brand as the best logical choice for your market?
  • want to create demand for your services/products?
  • want to sell to consumers or companies with ease?
  • want to get systematic with your marketing activities?
  • want to design a simple way to plan and execute your growth activities?
  • want to systemize your social media?
  • want to train your marketing person to become a pro?

Does any of this sound like you?

Marketing feels out of alignment. You know you do amazing work, but talking about it, and selling it makes you feel all the feels (and none of them are particularly good feels)


Marketing is an afterthought. You’re too busy to market your business (and when you have no pipeline, you start to panic market)


Marketing doesn’t give results. This is probably the most frustrating challenge – you market your business until you’re blue in the face, yet you don’t get results…


Your marketing team is not profitable. You know you need to train them to level up to deliver better results!

Well, here’s something we know:


First of all – growth is not just about marketing… but great, systematic marketing will be the game changer for your business. 


You CAN stop running around in circles and get systematic with your growth activities.

You CAN get all the customers you want, and grow a fun, profitable business without sacrificing quality & wellbeing.

You CAN design a brand that stands out and creates a waiting line.

You CAN systemize your business and grow your revenue with ease and joy.


How about we hook arms and elevate your business?

“Growth is complex” you might think

And it’s true. Here’s why:

  • Growth doesn’t happen by accident but by decisions and design – you need to carve out time to plan and execute at a new level
  • Allowing your clients set the rules for your business will never make you successful, regardless of what success means to you. It’s time to take the power back, set boundaries and non-negotiables, and design a premium client experience
  • Contrary to common belief, creating clear and definite rules for your business does not scare your clients away – it makes them trust you as a company, and value your expertise
  • The cookie-cutter growth models don’t work for you – your business is as unique as you, so both you and your business need a bespoke strategy and growth systems
  • Marketing is elementary, but useless if you don’t know what your positioning is and don’t have a well-functioning sales engine in place
  • Doing random social media posting does not grow your revenue. It for sure looks like that’s what competitors are doing but in reality, the ones who thrive have figured out a few secrets that you haven’t (yet)
  • Hunting for clients is bad for your wellbeing and reputation – smart companies build demand for their services and products
  • Knowing your Key Growth Metrics is the only way to determine how to grow – no more doing stuff that doesn’t work for you!

Growth is also a CHOICE.

You need to choose to become systematic and build the right assets that will take your business to the next stage.

Install the Avenue Method™ and grow an elegant business

Operational Efficiency

Finally have a business that is known for its value and customer experience. When you have the right business model and the right systems in place, growing your business becomes effortless and enjoyable.

Perpetual Growth

Finally have the right systems, processes, and tools in place. When you expand your business and have the right infrastructure to meet the demand, your growth becomes perpetual.

Impact & Influence People

Finally have a business that makes an impact. When you combine the right idea, messaging, and model with expansion tactics, you become seen as the influencer and changemaker in your industry.


The Momentum

Momentum is a coaching and education program dedicated to helping you build and maintain momentum in marketing, branding, productivity, and important growth rituals. We build solid systems for consistent visibility and revenue growth.


Service/Product Business owners ready for systematic growth.

  • Position you as the right choice for your ideal clients
  • Elevate your brand
  • Master sales and marketing
  • Automate the key functions of your sales and marketing
  • Grow your visibility through strategic content
  • Implement the right Growth Rituals to enable harmonious growth
  • Learn to analyze your business to know what to do next
  • Create a unique plan for your future vision


Smart businesses build strategic and tactical assets that increase the value of the company, and operational efficiency, make an impact and contribute to growth. We identify 9 strategic assets every business needs to focus on building at different stages of their journey. During this program, we cover and implement many of the Key Growth Assets in a structured way.

the key growth assets by avenue method


We work with Premium Service & Product Businesses selling to consumers or companies. While our frameworks can be implemented in any industry, we specialize in helping design + wellbeing companies grow and scale.


You offer services; interior design, gardening, consulting, etc services to consumers or businesses


You offer products within the home, hospitality, or wellbeing niche to consumers, retail stores, or partners


You offer digital products such as online courses, digital designs, or memberships to your customers


You offer experiences locally, such as a store, boutique hotel, restaurant or a showroom

Some of the projects

Inside the Momentum, we focus on creating a brand and messaging that makes people buy from you, designing marketing assets and tools that build demand for your services and products, and visibility systems that make you stand out and reach your clients. We also implement strategic Growth Rituals to keep you progressing, focused, and sane. We have both essential projects and advanced special projects.


Premium Positioning

Position your business as the one and only for your clients who happily pay for your services and products

Brand Assets

Design your brand values, personality, visuals, and message that attracts the right clients

Strategic Business Planning

Know exactly how to create a plan for your future and business growth

Offer Suite Design

Design a suite of offers that you sell at front/back end to build a profitable company

Strategic Pricing

Learn how to set prices that make you permanently profitable and desirable

Audience Design & Attraction

Identify the key players; clients, partners, suppliers, and messengers, who can help you grow

Demand Generation

Build the marketing infrastructure your growing business needs

Content Systems

Set up simple yet powerful content systems that you can run with only 2 hours per week!

PR & Media

Learn how to pitch to editors and get your work in the most desirable magazines without a PR firm


Quarterly Strategy Weeks

Build your Business Operating System and learn to extract the data that you need in order to make strategic growth decisions

Multiple Calls Per Week

Join the coaching calls to ask anything and the Implementation Labs to build your tech

The Wall

Ask anything, anytime! Our team is inside the Wall every day to answer your questions


Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing to get your hands free to focus on other important parts of your business and life


Know how to set up systems for making your tradeshow participation a profitable event

Ambassador Program Development

Design an ambassador program that rapidly expands your business

Signature Client Onboarding

Design your signature client onboarding experience and make your work easy and fun

Launch a Product Line

Add a physical product collection to expand your business

Launch a Digital Product

Launch a digital product such as a course, membership, or an e-book


Use IG to grow your business

Blogging & SEO

Build a blog that attracts your clients


Use LI to get B2B clients

… and more.

We are adding more projects to the Momentum Client Portal each month. Join now, get your growth roadmap and let’s get started!

Our unique method of mixing The Essential Foundations, Consulting & Coaching, and Advanced Special Projects will bring you the right blend of systems, structure, harmony, and new cool ideas to grow your business.



€ 90 / month We accept EUR / USD | ev VAT to be addedd
  • Month-by-month business growth program covering the Growth Stage of the Avenue Method™
  • Hundreds of projects, lessons, project plans, implementation guides, and tools you can use to grow every day
  • Choose between guided or unguided programming
  • Monthly Open Office calls – pop in and get your questions answered
  • Monthly Marketing Strategy & Tactical Training Sessions
  • Quarterly Thematic Implementation Labs – set up your FB ads, Website, Google Analytics, and more with us!
  • Quarterly Strategy Weeks to review your progress and co-create a 90-day plan
  • Ask anything inside the Wall (not a Facebook group)
  • Brandable marketing materials


€ 750 / year We accept EUR / USD | ev VAT to be addedd


  • Year-by-year business growth program covering the Growth Stage of the Avenue Method™
  • Hundreds of projects, lessons, project plans, implementation guides, and tools you can use to grow every day
  • Choose between guided or unguided programming
  • Monthly Open Office calls – pop in and get your questions answered
  • Monthly Marketing Strategy & Tactical Training Sessions
  • Quarterly Thematic Implementation Labs – set up your FB ads, Website, Google Analytics, and more with us!
  • Quarterly Strategy Weeks to review your progress and co-create a 90-day plan
  • Ask anything inside the Wall (not a Facebook group)
  • Brandable marketing materials


  • Your positioning is a bit meh – people (and you) don’t quite understand what you do, for whom, and how
  • You’re constantly stressed about getting customers
  • Your sales process is undefined and not likely to be called professional
  • Your marketing is limited to some random social media posts (that don’t really do anything for you)
  • You’re not really visible and known
  • Your days are a bit messy (but you tell yourself it’s because you love creative freedom…)
  • You are ready to get systematic with your business but you don’t know where to start


  • Your positioning is on-point and people queue to work with you
  • You have the right sales and marketing model based on your revenue model
  • Your sales process is well-defined and professional
  • Your marketing is creating demand for your services/products
  • Your growth is systematic and joyful
  • You are known in your industry
  • You have lots of time for creativity and other things you love
  • You have a structure and harmony that you love
  • You have a system to track the Key Growth Metrics to make smart growth decisions


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Common Questions & Answers

To be a good fit for the program, you should:

  • Sell services, physical, or digital products based on your expertise.
  • Have a goal to grow an elegant, premium brand and business.
  • Want to implement professional processes and systems to grow your business.
  • Be ready to implement: this is not education. We will co-build your Growth System, and you need to be willing to do the work.
  • Want to use digital channels in your customer acquisition.
  • Desire to be seen as a leader by your clients, your team, and your audience.

Yes, this is a great program for people at all stages!

This is a group consulting and coaching program. If you are looking for a private option, please check the Avenue Program! 

Our guided programming helps you implement the Essentials in the right order. This is perfect for you who want guided programming with certain steps to complete each week.

Our unguided programming allows you to jump into those projects that you need right now, and pick and choose your own experience.

You can, of course, switch between these two models anytime you want!

12 weeks or 12 months – we will help you choose.

Our projects vary in length, and the time you need to spend on strategies and tactics depends highly on your business, your decision-making, and your level of skills.

You can complete many projects in 1-2 days, whereas we know that some projects take several months for many of our members.

Each project has a project plan and an estimate for completion so you can plan your time accordingly!

As long or as short as you wish. The minimum is 1 month.

Our customers sell services, products, digital products, and physical products using our systems.

They serve in B2B and B2C markets.

So yes, there’s a Growth System for all kinds of business models, and our team will guide you to the right one!

From us – nothing.

Essentially, the tools we help you implement might come with a cost, but we have lots of alternatives for different budgets, including free and premium tools. For example, our favorite CRM system starts at 9 $ / month.


We will grow your BUSINESS, and if it contains several revenue models, brands, or people, we co-create the right strategy for you.

We alternate the hours to suit different time zones, but the joint calls are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Yes and no.

We develop new materials all the time, so some materials are not available yet. The Essentials Program is ready for you!

You can cancel your participation anytime!

No, you don’t have to. We are experts in teaching non-tech professionals the essential technologies, systems, and integrations.

Want to know our superpower? We make technology so simple that most of our clients even start to like tech. Now, we can’t promise you will develop a deep passion for tech, but we can promise you will dislike it less. Most importantly, you will NOT feel lost in the tech again. 

Honestly – this WILL TAKE TIME. Only join when you are ready to make an intentional decision to level up your business.

Please note this: this should not be in ADDITION to your work, this should be part of your job as the CEO of your business. You need to be able to reserve 2-4 hours per week to get results.

We know you are busy, and that’s why we start with strategic time planning!

Each member needs their own login to be able to participate.

Perfect, we will train your marketing person to become a profitable asset for your business!

We are a Sweden-based consulting and publishing company that needs to handle VAT correctly.

  • If you are a Swedish company  –> VAT will be added.
  • If you have a valid EU VAT number –> no VAT is added.
  • If you are an EU company without a VAT number –> VAT will be added.
  • If you receive your VAT number later –> we can change the payment method as soon as you have a valid VAT number, but we can’t re-do the already processed payments.
  • If you’re outside of the EU VAT zone –> no VAT is added.

If this is confusing, please check with your accountant 🙂

Yes, of course. If you do the work, you will have a customized system to grow and scale your business.

However, your success depends on your participation and willingness to succeed. We bring the strategies, tactics, and tools – you bring the passion and manpower.

Not sure yet? Ask us any questions: