What ONE thing you need to know about your business to grow it?

And yeah, I know, don’t we all hate these ONE things stuff, we all know there are millions of things we business owners need to know about and master, right?

Bear with me. 

I’ve been in business for a long time. My own business that is. Even longer working for someone else. 

One thing I notice our clients inside Avenue Growth program totally (almost at least) miss in their business planning, and that is the KEY to growing.

  • Not the key to selling.
  • Not the key to getting your message out there.
  • Not the key to knowing what to sell.

To growing. 

Okay, cliffhanger, let’s drop it, right?

It’s the numbers.

the one who can pay the most amount of money to acquire clients, always wins.

Marketing and business experts have been telling this forever, yet most small businesses don’t really tune in.

(I know I didn’t for years!)

So, this doesn’t mean you HAVE to pay a lot to acquire clients, but it means that if you are WILLING to, and your business model allows that, you will win.

Because the free rides from various platforms don’t work like they used to.
Everyone is everywhere and you have to stand out to win. 
There are ways to stand out, for sure, but your strategy for standing out must be very clear before you hit the ‘publish’ button on any media. Don’t know how? We can help. 

  • But, if you know how much you can invest in getting a client.
  • And you know how much it actually costs to get a client.
  • And you also know how much money each client brings in during her lifetime, or at least during 1 year.
  • AND, you know what time it takes to convert a client (=your client journey)

Then, you know how to grow.

  • You do more of that activity that gives you clients.
  • You create an ad campaign that works.
  • You test it and tweak it until it gives you results.
  • You track the numbers to find these Key Performance Indicators above.

Then, you make intelligent decisions about how much you want to earn. And by checking your KPI’s you know what it costs.

Boring? maybe.
Good for your business. Definitely.