We are 360º growth engineers focusing on helping people, product, and experience brands grow and scale. We help you conceptualize, systemize, and expand your business and brand.

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the key growth assets by avenue method


In our world, growth always starts with positioning. We need to understand who you are for the people you attract; your clients, the vendors, the partners, the messengers. Also; your niche, your category, your authority builders, and your brand elements...

Many times, this work includes repositioning your firm to serve at a premium or luxury level, and that requires intentional brand design and development. It doesn't matter whether we will be working on your client experience or marketing systems, we need to understand and cement your positioning in the marketplace.

Let's nail your power position and make sure you become the first choice for your customers.


Client experience is everything that happens from the first touchpoint to the last. It includes your marketing, sales, onboarding, offer structure, pricing, materials, delivery systems and tools, communication, project management, delightful touches that make your clients love you, offboarding, recurring business, and referral systems design.

This is what makes your business stand out and become permanently profitable and scalable. With the right client experience, you will be able to add team members to deliver your excellence, and remove headache and stress. Of course, as Systems Engineers, we also add technology to your client experience to be able to automate many steps in your delivery process.

It doesn't matter if you sell premium white-glove services, physical products in your e-commerce store, online courses, or maybe own a spa. Every business has its client experience, and we want yours to be excellent.


Most business owners would agree that sales and marketing are the key operations in any business, at any stage.

So do we.

We help you design your signature sales process, a streamlined system that helps you sell more with elegance and ease. Then we help you design your sophisticated marketing engine bringing you new leads and clients every day.

We engineer your client acquisition infrastructure and help you install the tools, systems, and automation you need. We help you find the right vendors, virtual assistants, or key team members to take your sales and marketing activities to a professional level.

We can join your team as a fractional CMO and set up your strategy, systems, and metrics, and train your team to run very successful sales and marketing operations.

Let's make sure customers find you, buy from you, and talk about you. All day long.


Once you hit a certain stage with your business, maybe it's time for you to start thinking about new, exciting revenue streams. This could be to increase your profits, expand your business to new markets, become iconic in your industry, or build a mainstream brand that helps you scale to mass markets.

We can help you add these revenue streams in a systematic, structured way so you can grow profitably, and without sacrificing quality and wellbeing.

Examples of multiple revenue streams we have implemented with success are coffee table books, online courses, signature product lines, licensing deals with furniture and fashion houses, membership clubs, media platforms, events and retreats, e-commerce stores, showrooms, and wholesale businesses.

There's no one-size-fits-all growth avenue. Let's put our smart heads together and figure out yours!


When you scale your business, you will have an increasing need for a solid growth infrastructure. We help you implement the processes, technology, and people your growing business needs.

This infrastructure can be about front-end systems for sales and marketing, or back-end systems for increasing your operational efficiency.

Either way, as former IT Consultants, we can custom-design your whole growth infrastructure and help you find the best vendors and tools to scale your business.

We want your back-end operations to be as elegant as your products and services are.


Are you looking to expand your reach and grow an international brand? You need to figure out a strategic expansion plan. You might need to focus on developing strategic programs for your business or creating strategic partnerships.

Some of the programs we have customized for our clients are partnership programs, media & PR programs, ambassador programs, licensing programs, and expansion through retailers, showrooms, and industry professionals.

How can we help you expand your business and brand internationally?


We run programs tailored to your current stage, where you want to get, and what your needs for support & customization are. Explore our different options!

Avenue Program

Our flagship The Avenue is a business development and growth program dedicated to helping you redesign your positioning, elevate your customer experience and systemize your front-end and back-end operations to be able to scale.

In this program, we help you focus on the right growth project at a time, and implement it.

You can choose the level of support, private consulting and coaching, and customization!

Strategy Day

What most coaches and consultants do in 3-4 months, we can get done in one day.

We have a variety of different projects we can complete in one day. We also offer support before and after the day, to ensure you get the help and forward momentum you need.

Book a Strategy Day and get things done.

Courses & Tools

In our shop, you can purchase several Courses and Tools to implement by yourself. All our courses and tools are available online and can be accessed immediately, and as many times as you need.

Kindly observe – all our courses and tools are included in our programs and management consulting services.

Fractional CMO/CGO

Are you expanding rapidly but your team has no time or is not skilled to build the necessary infrastructure that your business needs? Are you planning to bring in C-level employees but not sure yet whether that’s the right choice right now? Or do you need help to build specific systems and operations, and train your team to manage them? Tiina can join your team as a Fractional CMO/CGO.

Having a fractional CMO/CGO in your team will catapult your results without long-term commitment or costly payroll. Book a call to talk about our services.

"I know I want to grow with elegance and ease, but where do I start?"

We get it, it’s difficult to know where to start! The first thing we do with our clients is to map out the as-is situation, and identify their ambitions; where they are heading, and then co-create a plan. Then we dive into implementation.


But… you might not be sure yet if the Avenue Method™ is the right solution for you? Or, if we are the right consultants and coaches to help you get to your dreams?


Below are the different and simple options you can choose to find out!


Join our LIVE workshop

We host a live Avenue Method™ Workshop multiple times per year. It’s intensive, and fun, and gives you great clarity on where you are, where you’re heading, and how to get there.

This is a virtual workshop with recordings and lots of tools and materials for you to create your growth roadmap using our proprietary system.

If you need help implementing it, then you at least know what working with us looks like!


Book a short Growth Assessment

If you like, you can book a short assessment with Tiina Wilen, the creator of the Avenue Method™. In the assessment call, we look at your current business model, and revenue stage, and discuss what you would like to experience in the future.

Then we use our simple but effective growth mapping tool to co-create a simple plan for you that you can implement by yourself or with our help.

This call is complimentary. Apply below.