Are you ready to increase your sales, have better profits and enjoy a happier life as a small business owner?

This you?

... Want to increase your revenue & profitability?

... Want to get clarity on what you're supposed to do next to grow your business?

... Want to systematize your business, live more and work less?

... Want more joy in your entrepreneur life?

This too?

... You're confused because you don't know what to do, when and how?

... You have no one to consult and bounce ideas off with?

... Social media is not working?

... You have participated in various DIY programs online or invested in some business advisors and still have no results?

... Words 'marketing' and 'digital' make your brain hurt?




You are a consultant, coach, architect, doctor, interior designer, lawyer, beauty professional or any other service professional who offers B2C and/or B2B services…



You run an online store or want to transform your current business online, either fully or partly. Online courses, membership sites, information business, B2C e-commerce…



You design and manufacture physical products and want to launch an international brand selling through e-commerce, wholesale, and partners…



You own a local business; spa, real estate company, shop, boutique hotel, café or any other business with services catering locally…


1. You are ready to work smart and effectively to reach your own individual goals.

2. You know success takes time but the faster you get clarity on what to offer, to whom, how to package your high-selling concept: products/services & brand…

3. And, the more systematic you implement your marketing and sales processes and automations…

4. And, the more structured you are with your…

  • Financial metrics to know how it’s going for you, and what decisions you should be making at different stages of your growth

  • Products / services that customers cannot say no to

  • Operations: marketing / sales / processes to create real results

  • Team / delegate / outsource to be able to focus on your CORE

  • Back office / tech stuff to make your life easier, and your business modern and fun


…the faster you’ll win.

Want to win?

(your own game that is)

Hello, I am Tiina, the Founder of Avenue. My mission is very simple: to help professional, driven, and multi-passionate entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster. Why? Because I truly believe that it’s the best way to ensure an amazing life on your own terms, and do what you love.

Short bio: I’m a Finn living in Sweden and sometimes in Andalucia, Spain. I’m married to a Swedish dude, and we have two funny small kiddos. I have a Master of Science in IT Engineering and a Bachelor in Business Economics. I have found quite a few global brands from design, events, to coaching & consulting, and my goal is to help you get started and grow your international business faster, smarter, safer and funnier.

I am also the Master Coach in the AVENUE program, and I can’t wait to meet you in our workshops!

We are here to make it easier, faster, and more fun for you to start and grow your profitable business based on your expertise.


Honestly – you probably need both. We all do.

The program is a combined consultation and coaching program. This means that we work on both strategies and tactics, and the mindset and leadership. After been working many years as business consultants we have discovered that a company leader needs knowledge in the form of new strategies, techniques, and tactics, and support in the form of coaching, follow-up, and accountability. We also believe that you, as the visionary leader, must have a certain set of beliefs and rituals that will turn your actions to results.

We offer you both.


We combine online learning with tasks, joint consultation workshops, and a possibility to work 1-on-1 for fully customized strategies that you can implement in your business.

  • You can take part in our online lessons whenever and as often as you like.

  • You will receive specific instructions for implementing the strategies in your business.

  • You will get invitations to joint workshops where you can ask your questions and get help from our coaches.

  • You can also choose to have 1-on-1 support from our coaches.


The program is available online, which means that you have access to your coach & consulting team anytime, anywhere. You choose how fast you go, and how quickly you want to get results. You can do the program even if you work full time and want to start your business alongside.

Want to go deeper? We also offer the possibility to work 1-on-1 with a certified Growth Coach who can help you get to your goals faster.


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    1. Join the program

    Select the level of support you need, join us directly on this site and start creating your own, individual growth avenue. Click here to get started.

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    2. Receive your welcome package

    You will receive a digital welcome pack and starting instructions from us with more information on how to get started. All of our lessons & tasks are available in our online platform which you can access 24/7.

  • null

    3. Get your MAP

    We will give you a clear MAP to follow to maximize your results. Then you will get access to lessons and online tasks that teach you all the strategies and tactics you need to increase your sales, profits, and happiness.

  • null

    4. Join workshops

    You will receive invitations to our workshops. During these workshops, you can send your questions and get a direct answer from the specific expert. If you choose to work with a coach, then you will also get access to coaching & support, and our bi-weekly meetings.


We have built up a state-of-the-art online e-learning platform where all our members learn about strategies and technologies for business growth: branding, marketing, sales, digitization, PR, leadership …

We combine e-learning and artificial intelligence to provide the best possible experience for the members of our programs.


We’re not here to give you random tips.


You will get a system for growth.


Our only goal is to provide you with a system that will take you to your goals. Faster, safer and without investing time and money on nonsense that doesn’t do a shit for your success.


Building a business is a lonely game – we know it, you know it.


That is why we want to offer the possibility to do this together.

You, other members inside the program, and our Certified Coaches. All here to support, cheer and guide you towards your goals.


The goal of this program is simple: create growth for you and your business.

We start by creating a PLAN. You get access to our Strategic Planning Program where we guide you through creating a vision, direction, plan, and goals for your business and personal growth.


Then we move on to identifying and designing your unique concept: products, services, online, locally … We focus on 3 keys: Increase revenue, increase profitability, and make you enjoy more of your business.

  • That unique concept that makes you #1 in your industry
  • That unique concept that makes your clients say ‘YES PLEASE’ and ‘I NEED IT NOW’.


Next step is to build a system to acquire new prospects on autopilot, and converts them into paying clients and customers even when you do other things, which in turn gives you more time to focus on what you do best; deliver great services and products for your clients. We do this in a modern way that is suitable for companies who are willing to use digital channels in their client acquisition.

We implement various Growth Activators, ie strategies, and techniques that increase your sales, profits, and happiness:

  • Vision
  • Expert positioning
  • Brand messaging
  • Scalable service packaging
  • Physical goods manufacturing
  • Business processes
  • Marketing & sales systems
  • Assets you need to implement (websites, webinars, e-mail marketing, bots, podcast…)
  • Your magical Lead-2-Client journey
  • Traffic sources & media strategies
  • Publicity plan
  • Analysis & decision making tools
  • Rituals
  • Beliefs

Does it feel like we do a lot? Yes, we do a lot. But keep in mind that we do this in a systematic way and focus on what you should be doing, and nothing else. A lot can happen in your business if you focus on the right things at the right time.


Our SIGNATURE PROGRAM is a growth accelerator program tailored for you, a growth-focused CEO of a smart, modern company with great ambitions. We are not business model specific, nor industry specific. Our coaches have a long experience from different niches, industries, and business models, and you get access to the entire team's expertise. You and your coach will develop a strategy and action plan that works for your company, whether you build an online course, B2B services, physical products or run a local beauty salon.

This is different. You'll see why.

CREATE a fantastic concept that is YOU
Build a portfolio of products and services that SELL
DESIGN an attractive brand that your customers LOVE (and your competitors are trying to copy)
SYSTEMATIZE your activities for better RESULTS
IMPLEMENT the best marketing and sales strategy for your business
AUTOMATE to be able to work with what you love
Build your THOUGHT LEADER platform within your niche
LEAD with pride, love, and compassion
MEASURE & SCALE, and GROW with confidence



Phase 1


We help you design the most profitable and fun business model for you, clarify your ideas and message, create products and services that sell, develop an internationally exciting brand and a concept that makes your clients say Yes-Please-I-Take-Two.

Phase 2


Then, we identify the strategies and tactics that work for your business and for your audience. We help you build automated systems and processes for marketing and a structure that  makes you fall in love with selling.

Phase 3


Lastly, we help you level up your game and become the THOUGHT LEADER in your industry. Impact and influence. Understand your numbers and scale with confidence. Launch internationally, and build great partnerships.

And then what?

We will guide you to the next level strategies and tactics, but first:
let's build a system for you.

Why is THE AVENUE PROGRAM different?


We have a 100% no-BS approach to building a successful business. No fake tactics. No stuffy strategies. No hocus-pocus.

We offer a SYSTEM that takes you from A to B. A system that takes you from start to finish.


It doesn’t matter if you want to launch/grow an online business, local business or B2C/B2B services, or combine these into a winning concept. You and your coach design a program for you with your goals in mind, strategies and action plan that is tailor-made for you, depending on what you do.

We strategize, measure, set correct KPIs, follow up. And have fun.


In addition, we do it together all the way in a small group of dedicated, cool business owners.




The Avenue program is an implementation program with the possibility of 1-and-1 support from our eminent coaches and consultants. Our consultants are all experienced small business owners so we know what it takes to grow. We grow together, all the way.



You have the opportunity to get support from your coach at any time! At INSIDERS level, we hold one-two workshops a month, and at VIP level we hold workshops & open office almost every week, which means you never have to go many days without talking to your coach.

In addition, you have your coach just a chat away all the time (VIP level).

Where else can you get this level of expertise + support when and as often as you need?



For us, your business success equals our personal success.

That’s why, we give you everything we got, and in return:

you commit to do the work. Bueno?


  • First, you hire an expensive digital agency that does not give you the results you want
  • Or, you take a large, international ‘create online course’ program promising a lot
  • After that, you continue to various ‘Instagram success’, ‘Facebook 101’, or why not ‘Webinars that convert’ because they all sound like that only thing you need to do to grow
  • Next program may be somewhat unclear about mindset and the law of attraction
  • Productivity program to get quick results is always a good idea
  • Branding intensive you need too, as well as pricing workshop
  • And, don’t forget the “how to sell high-ticket offers” expensive high-ticket program
  • After all this and a lot of money poorer, you are struggling to get your stuff together…
  • You wonder who you can ask for advice in your specific situation…
  • And then you start following a lot of hocus focus online…
  • Then you stop doing everything together because nothing works…

–> In Hope that someone could give you a system that works for YOU.

No growth. Headache. Anxiety.

(It sucks, maybe this entrepreneur thing is not for me, right?)

OKAY, how can I get started?


from USD 32 / month Eventual VAT to be added
  • No contract – pay per month or per year
  • Secure online payment with credit card / PayPal
  • Avenue Growth Program
  • Strategic Planning System
  • CEO weeks (March, June, September, December)
  • Access to all joint workshops (1-2 / month)


from USD 166,60 / month Eventual VAT to be added
  • No contract – pay per month or per year (save USD 400)
  • Secure online payment with credit card / PayPal
  • Strategic Planning System
  • Avenue Growth Program
  • CEO weeks (March, June, September, December)
  • Access to all joint workshops (1 – 2 / month)
  • Private chat with your coach (only this is worth your investment!)
  • Ask-me-anything: open office bi-weekly
  • Weekly check in with your coach (this keeps you on track for your goals)

  • BONUS: 2 h 1-on-1 online workshop with your private coach (at annual payment only)

Need more individualized coaching & consulting? Okay, fill in this form so we can talk.


All our members begin with our Strategic Planning System. This system helps you find focus, and know what exactly you need to do to get to the next level. This is also the backbone of our CEO weeks!

  • We set KPI’s and other metrics.
  • We practice effective time management.
  • We calculate profitability.
  • We practice decisions making.
  • And we implement a process for quarterly, monthly, and weekly planning & follow up.


I want to build a coaching business, consulting, b2b, webshop, physical products business. This works?

We are particularly specialized in building an EXPERT business, and how you want to deliver your expertise, that’s up to you. Inside the program, you will find both the strategies and also the technologies you need to implement in order to build an online business.

If you do the job, our systems and strategies work for your business. As long as you own your brand and business (ie we only work with CEO / owner and not with team / employees), have high ambitions and healthy work ethic, and also are a person who takes action, the Avenue Method works for you.

I just need to learn marketing

This is a growth program, where marketing & sales are the two most important activities. So, welcome!

Most of our members already have businesses, some have run businesses for 15 years. This program will help you promote yourself effectively. You will not need to invest in other marketing or sales programs.

We are experts in digital marketing but have also experience in other effective models such as fairs and exhibitions. Talk to your coach so you plan together what works best for you!

What is the CEO week?

Every quarter we focus on planning, goal setting, and measuring the progress. During this week, we will help you identify several growth factors and make a solid plan for the future. These weeks are effective and fun, and a big part of our success pillar: RITUALS.

How does Ask-me-anything work?

Every fortnight we have an open call where you can join and ask your burning questions. We host these calls at mornings and night (CET) to accommodate our international members.

Do you have a Facebook group?

No. We love FB as a tool, but find the group function a time suck. We are going to implement group chat function inside our platform though.

Do you have physical meetings?

Oh yes we plan to! More about that later.

Can you build website / membership site / FB ads for me?

Yes, we take on separate consulting projects too.

How many lessons do you have?

Many, but not all are relevant to you. You create your own path and implement what is important for your growth, either yourself using our tools and guidance, or together with your growth coach.

Can I get recordings of the workshops?


What's your workshop schedule?

We host our workshops on Thursdays. We will try to find a timeslot that works for everyone, but it’s not always possible. You can send your questions in advance and then listen to the recording if you can’t make it live.

I live in different country than you

That’s ok, you will have access to the program online so that you can fit your progress around your life. If you’re working with a coach, we will do our very best to try to find a coach that can accommodate your time zones. If not possible, we will refund your investment.

The group calls are on CET timezone, but the time varies so that everyone has a chance to join. You will also get the recordings so you can watch at any time.

What if I don't like the program?

You can cancel your membership at any time. We will terminate your membership within a few days notice.

Can I get my money back if I don't like the program?

Yes, we offer a generous 30 days no questions asked money back. Just send your coach a message and we will issue a refund.

Do you offer discounts?

If you run a non-profit serving women & children, please contact us for a partnership option

How much time will it take?

This is very individual and depends on so many factors. But, IF you don’t have time to build a business that you can be proud of, is profitable, and enables you to live the lifestyle as you want, then please don’t join.

  • This program is not for dreamers.
  • It’s not for whiners.
  • It’s not a quick-rich type of bullshit scheme.

Inside Avenue, we work. When we have worked, then we play. When you have implemented the things your business needs, you get to enjoy the benefits. But first, we work. Period.

If you follow the PATH and take action…

  • One hour a week will move the needle for you.
  • One hour a day will get you there faster.

Your choice, we support you either way!

How long is the program?

As long / short as you wish.

How much access do I have to Tiina / coaches?

You will meet Tiina at the joined workshops (All levels) and Ask-me-anything special open office calls (VIP-level)

You can send unlimited chats to Tiina / your coach if you work with another coach, and you will also meet twice a month at joint workshops. (VIP-level)

If you choose the TAILORED level, then you will work 1-on-1 with Tiina in private workshops, and together you decide how often you meet. You also get access to Tiinas WhatsApp for quick advice & questions (TAILORED level). Contact us for the TAILORED alternative.

Can I change between levels?


Can I upgrade to 1-on-1?

Yes, if you join the AVENUE GROWTH program and after a while, you feel that you need more TAILORED help, either at your office our office or online, we offer several options to do so. Let’s talk about it once you have got started! 

Tiina, I saw another coach offer exactly same stuff! Copycat?

Thanks for paying attention to it! You may have come across one of our fantastic certified coaches who owns the right to sell the Avenue Programs and Products. You will meet them at our workshops! But if it is someone who is not certified and has copied our site so please tell us so we can go gangster on them.



Phase 1


We help you design the most profitable and fun business model for you, clarify your ideas and message, create products and services that sell, develop an internationally exciting brand and a concept that makes your clients say Yes-Please-I-Take-Two.

Phase 2


Then, we identify the strategies and tactics that work for your business and for your audience. We help you build automated systems and processes for marketing and a structure that  makes you fall in love with selling.

Phase 3


Lastly, we help you level up your game and become the THOUGHT LEADER in your industry. Impact and influence. Understand your numbers and scale with confidence. Launch internationally, and build great partnerships.