Grow an Elegant, Premium Business Without Sacrificing Quality & Wellbeing

We work with experts, service professionals and iconic product brands who want build premium elegant, modern, and scalable companies.

Do you…

  • want to expand your capacity serving premium customers and clients… but you don’t have an extra minute in your already full workday?
  • want to digitalize parts or your whole business… but you don’t know where to start?
  • want to attract more clients that pay a premium price and are wonderful to work with… but you can’t figure out how to attract and convert them?
  • want to expand your business model and diversify your income… but you don’t know what would suit you and your industry?
  • want to take your innovative, high-quality products overseas… but you don’t know how the export business works?
  • want to build systems and processes to run an effective, elegant business… but you and your team don’t have the time or the competence?
  • want to remove yourself from the minutiae… yet you feel like you need to wear all the hats, all the time?

Does any of this sound like you?

You’re great at what you do, but the client pipeline doesn’t represent that. You want to attract better clients, become consistent in your sales and marketing, and grow with ease


It’s been good but honestly… your operations are a mess. You sell whatever to whomever and your clients send you text messages on Saturday mornings…


You know it’s time for you to scale your operations, add multiple revenue streams, and build the infrastructure your growing business needs…


You’ve got lots of customers but you also got no time for life, family, and the CEO activities required for you to take your business to the next level. You are tired of the hustle and think: “There MUST be a better way to grow my business!”

Well, here’s something we know

There is a better way.


You CAN turn frustration into clarity, a messy business into an elegant, systems-driven company with a clear structure and great profit margins.

You CAN get all the customers you want, and grow a fun, profitable business without sacrificing quality & wellbeing.

You CAN design a Signature Client Experience that keeps them (and you) happy and relaxed and makes your past clients come back and refer you to their friends.

You CAN build the partnership networks that allow your expansion.

You CAN redesign your business and fall in love with it, again.


How about we hook arms and elevate your business?

“Growth is complex” you might think

And it’s true. Here’s why:

  • Growth doesn’t happen by accident but by decisions and design – you need to carve out time to plan and execute at a new level
  • Allowing your clients set the rules for your business will never make you successful, regardless of what success means to you. It’s time to take the power back, set boundaries and non-negotiables, and design a premium client experience
  • Contrary to common belief, creating clear and definite rules for your business does not scare your clients away – it makes them trust you as a company, and value your expertise
  • The cookie-cutter growth models don’t work for you – your business is as unique as you, so both you and your business need a bespoke strategy and growth systems
  • Marketing is elementary, but useless if you don’t know what your positioning is and don’t have a well-functioning sales engine in place
  • Doing random social media posting does not grow your revenue. It for sure looks like that’s what competitors are doing but in reality, the ones who thrive have figured out a few secrets that you haven’t (yet)
  • Hunting for clients is bad for your wellbeing and reputation – smart companies build demand for their services and products
  • Knowing your Key Growth Metrics is the only way to determine how to grow – no more doing stuff that doesn’t work for you!

Growth is also a CHOICE

You need to choose to become systematic and build the right assets that will take your business to the next stage.

Essentially, it all comes down to one simple shift:

You Need Systems

Install the Avenue Method™ and grow an elegant, systems-driven business

Operational Efficiency

Finally have a business that is known for its value and customer experience. When you have the right business model and the right systems in place, growing your business becomes effortless and enjoyable.

Perpetual Growth

Finally have the right systems, processes, and tools in place. When you expand your business and have the right infrastructure to meet the demand, your growth becomes perpetual.

Impact & Influence People

Finally have a business that makes an impact. When you combine the right idea, messaging, and model with expansion tactics, you become seen as the influencer and changemaker in your industry.


The Avenue

Our signature program Avenue is a holistic consulting, education, and implementation program dedicated to helping you redesign your positioning, elevate your client experience and systemize your marketing, sales, and operations.

This is not ONLY about marketing, or ONLY about the brand. It gives you a true 360° growth roadmap.


Service/Product Business owners ready for systematic growth.

  • Position you as the right choice for your ideal clients
  • Elevate your signature client experience
  • Systemize and digitalize your offers and delivery processes
  • Master sales and marketing
  • Automate the key functions of your sales and marketing
  • Grow your visibility through strategic partnerships and media
  • Build the infrastructure your growing business needs
  • Train your team to become self-going and profitable
  • Launch several revenue streams
  • Expand your business overseas


Smart businesses build strategic and tactical assets that increase the value of the company, and operational efficiency, make an impact and contribute to growth. We identify 9 strategic assets every business needs to focus on building at different stages of their journey. During this program, we cover and implement every Key Growth Asset in a structured way.

the key growth assets by avenue method


We work with Premium Service & Product Businesses selling to consumers or companies. Most of our clients are in the home, design, wellness, or decor space. The first thing we establish when you join the program is your business model, which in turn will put you on the right business model track: service, physical product, digital product, or location-based business.


You offer services; interior design, gardening, consulting, etc services to consumers or businesses


You offer products within the home, hospitality, or wellbeing niche to consumers, retail stores, or partners


You offer digital products such as online courses, digital designs, or memberships to your customers


You offer experiences locally, such as a store, spa, boutique hotel, restaurant, or a showroom

You could have many of these models, and most of our clients have. You might be selling premium services to a certain market, and want to launch an online course or a product line. We help you grow several revenue streams in a systematic way.


  • We offer different tiers to be able to offer the personalized experience each client deserves.
  • We start with a Growth Assessment to be able to determine the Business Stage.
  • We offer private coaching and consulting, group consulting and education, hundreds of video trainings, workbooks, and templates for your help.
  • We help you implement the right strategies, tactics, beliefs, and rituals designed for your current stage.

I created this program several years ago and have been running it ever since with my amazing small team of professionals. We have helped hundreds of business owners grow and scale, build multiple revenue streams, systemize, digitalize, expand, internationalize, shift, level up, and sell their companies. I want you to know that for me, your business and growth are personal. I’m funny but tough, I will make you step outside of your comfort zone and grow, both as a human, leader, and business owner.

While I’m a pro at systemization (PRO = first a Master of Science in IT Engineering and a Bachelor in Business, and then many years in the corporate world leading highly complex systematization projects for banks and other boring organizations), I’m also excellent at thinking bigger.

My superpower is to design innovative business models, engineer solid, evergreen sales and marketing systems, and turn organizational chaos into systems, processes, and delivery excellence. I have 20+ years of international business experience covering SaaS, service design, and growing global brands in the design, lifestyle, and wellbeing industries.

I love helping cool, ethical, and smart people make big moves and lots of cash while they enjoy their lives. Do you value that? Well then, maybe we should put our smart heads together and make some magic happen!

My plan for you



We determine where you are right now, and what you should be focusing on next. We use our tools to determine your stage, and our growth framework to decide what you should be doing right now to get to your goals.


Once we have decided what your first projects will be, we dive into the INFUSION. During this 12-week phase, we will walk though the exact strategies and tactics to implement at your current stage.


After the INFUSION, we will get into the Consistent Growth Phase, where we select a project or a few per quarter, and implement them together. We have quarterly Strategy Weeks during which we go through certain Growth Rituals to follow up on your progress and determine your next moves.


What’s a Growth Project?

A project is a business development sprint that has a specific goal, scope, and timeline. A project also needs to have a budget, and one part of the project onboarding is to help you calculate your budget.

In The Avenue Program, we have hundreds of projects that we can help you complete, so that you can grow and scale. Some projects are short and some are long. Some require specific tools and some don’t. Either way, we will help you decide what projects to prioritize, implement them to get amazing results, and keep you focused on your goals.


Each quarter, you can take the Growth Assessment to be able to level up. We will track your progress and propose those projects that we believe are the right ones for you at all stages of your journey.

Avenue Method - Grow your business without sacrificing quality & wellbeing


The Avenue Methodology contains certain steps and milestones on your growth journey. Implementation of these is called Projects. Here is a collection of Projects we have implemented with our clients:

  • Sales & Marketing Systemization
  • Repositioning to Premium / Luxury
  • Complete Business Model Transformation
  • Book Launch
  • Digital Course Creation & Launch
  • Licensing Deals
  • International Expansion through Strategic Partners
  • Ambassador Program Launch
  • New Business Launch
  • Full Digitalization of a Service Business Model
  • Media Platform Launch
  • CRM Implementation
  • Product Line Launch


“WOW – A LOT… I need to do all that?”


There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy and game plan. We strategize and decide together what works for you, and then implement it using our frameworks.

See below what happens at each stage.

What happens at each stage

The goal for Growth Stage is CONSISTENCY.

You will design and implement the Growth Essentials to grow your business with ease.

Our projects include premium positioning, brand assets design, signature offer portfolio, productizing your offers, and building systematic sales & marketing funnels and assets that work for your unique business. You will also design media assets, get visibility, and become consistent in your content production, distribution, and communication.

The goal for Scale Stage is SUSTAINABILITY.

You will design and implement the Scale Essentials to scale up or down your business without sacrificing quality and wellbeing.

Our projects include designing your signature client experience, and a scalable offer portfolio with diversified revenue streams. We will design and build your front/back-end processes and infrastructure to be able to scale. You will also develop media, PR, and partnership strategies that expand your reach and build your authority. 

The goal for Legacy Stage is TRANSFERABILITY.

You will design and implement the Legacy Essentials to build your legacy.

Our projects include the development of SOPs, intellectual property, and standardizing your business operations. Your team becomes a self-going, profitable investment and you have the possibility to remove yourself from the minutiae. You continue developing partnerships and opportunities to grow and scale, and you prepare your business for owner transfer, either by selling it or leaving it to your children for generational legacy and wealth. 

On top of the programming, we have multiple special projects that you can implement at different stages of your growth journey. Some of our projects:

  • Coffee Table Book Launch
  • Digital Course Creation & Launch
  • Paid Advertising
  • Licensing Deals
  • Social Media Mastery: IG, LI, PI
  • Tradeshow Success
  • Ambassador Program Launch
  • Wholesales Program
  • Brand Magazine Launch
  • Website Redesign Project + Mockups
  • Product Line Launch

More projects are added continuously!

Our unique method of mixing The Essential Foundations, Consulting & Coaching, and Advanced Special Projects will bring you the right blend of systems, structure, harmony, and new cool ideas to grow your business.




Do YOU want to level up and experience the results that our methodology brings to you?

More Profits. More Impact. More Joy.

Operational Efficiency

Finally have a business that is known for its value and customer experience. When you have the right business model and the right systems in place, growing your business becomes effortless and enjoyable.

Perpetual Growth

Finally have the right systems, processes, and tools in place. When you expand your business and have the right infrastructure to meet the demand, your growth becomes perpetual.

Impact & Influence People

Finally have a business that makes an impact. When you combine the right idea, messaging, and model with expansion tactics, you become seen as the influencer and changemaker in your industry.

Joana offered a massive help on how to scale a small business and take it from startup phase to growth. It was a long-life takeaway!

Raquel Carvalho | Founder & CEO Natural Health Academy

I took this course in Feb... it helped me a lot in my business... During the course I could evaluate my ideas, set a realistic plan, take the right decisions and keep my self on track. Before this course I was completely confused for a long time, in big doubt and could not see things clear. I'm glad I did this step and I highly recommend.

Thank you Ali for your precious experience, I sincerely enjoyed the time i spent in each class because all info you were giving in simple way straight to the point, easy to understand and apply. Looking forward for more collaboration with you.

Nihal Sedky | CEO at Thalath

Avenue is a great program and cooperation with Tiina as a coach is educative. Tiina showed me many strategies and possibilities on my way to my own business.

Agata Ceglecka | CEO at AC Recruitment

Ali's understanding of human relationships and business are quite extraordinary, and I know from personal experience that she can see where and why you're stuck and how you can get out of it. Ali is generous and passionate, she sees big and small things that others can't see, she's a real creator.

Simona Mango | Classical singer, vocal coach and nutrition coach for classical singers

I can highly recommend Tiina and Avenue. The program and the energy gave me the Power to improve and walk further out of my comfort zone. Made me more digital and crossed new boundaries. It was a pleasure and great business opportunity to work in her program.

Karin Holmström | Artist & Entrepreneur at

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Joana. She has a thorough knowledge of international sales, branding, budgeting, retail and marketing and is always the utmost professional.

Elizabeth | CEO & Founder at Portfolio Luxe

Ali is very calm and kind in her manner and listens intently. She has great advice for the issues you are facing and was able to connect me to people who could help. I would definitely recommend working with her.

Sam Crane | Singer, songwriter, guitarist and performer

I have had the opportunity to work with Tiina and I value her never-ending capability and performance. She is extremely result-focused with great social competence why she skillfully can engage teams to achieve objectives. She is passionate about her roles and tasks, her drive and entrepreneurship is a strength I admire. I would anytime and without a doubt hire Tiina again and strongly recommend her capability.

Patrick Winther | Head of ICT Service Operations at Tieto Corporate

It’s rare that you come across someone who is as generous with their time and energy to support you as Ali. I have had the pleasure of working alongside her for many years, learning from her each and every time.
Ali’s ability to juggle multiple projects is astonishing, all while building and nurturing her network, and yet still finds time to focus on individuals. As a team member or a leader, you will be blessed to have her by your side.

Fiona Catchpowle | Menopause Doula, author, founder of The Menopause School, passionate educator, building awareness & knowledge of the hormone highway.

Joana is a consummate professional who I thoroughly enjoy working with and would highly recommend. She is an experienced International Sales & Marketing Manager skilled in brand building and business development in a global arena.

Jane Wild | Owner TRS&CO Europe

I have had the great pleasure to work alongside as a colleague, together with Tiina at an international IT-company. Tiina worked as a consultant and PM for many of the cases I sold to our customers. Apart from being skilled and motivated, she was always passionate about the client and their expectations and made sure we met the strict budget and deadlines.

Even when tough business decisions had to be made, she always succeeded to onboard the client on the necessary path and way forward; all the time with her warmth and passion and deep respect for the client. I would be happy, proud and grateful to work with Tiina at any given time again!

Claes Lemnell | CEO at Nordics VirtusaPolaris

Without hesitation, I offer a glowing recommendation of Tiina.

After being introduced to her work and method, I decided to become an Avenue client and I must say my time and money was well invested.

Avenue is not like other programs that you don't do anything with. It engages you to really engage your business and your leadership from the perspective of REAL growth which is all about having a strong foundation in vision, direction, strategy, and implementation.

Tiina really shines when it comes to operations. And the special touches she infuses into the experience, like the CEO Week's, brings surprise and delight to the growth process.

Avenue has supported me in committing to reaching a new standard in how I lead my business. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Ozioma Egwuonwu | Chief Strategic Transformation Officer | TEDxSpeaker | Strategic Advisor | Keynote Speaker | Consultant

I have long experience as a manager, and have also run my company for several years. Even as an experienced manager you sometimes get stuck, and especially if you are an entrepreneur with your own company.
It's good to have someone outside who can coach you forward. If you have long experience yourself, it is even more important to find a coach who understands your situation and can coach you at the right level. Then it's not about having the support of someone who knows your brand, it's about finding a professional for strategies and models, ideas, and inspiration to lead me forward in my business.
Finding the right person for this is important, as you as an entrepreneur invest your time and money.
For four months I have hired Tiina as my private coach, and this has been well invested money. Tiina has quickly understood my situation, and guided me forward to feel good and able to lead my company forward. She has motivated and given me tips, she has inspired, and expected results. These four months have been much needed for me, I have regained the joy of running my successful business even longer. "Sky is the limit and Tiina helps you get there"

Mariana Ramselius | Interior Architect at Silander Holst S.L

I met Joana while taking part of a Linguistics/Digital Learning international work project for the Minho University. We worked together in Portugal and Madrid. Joana was a great team member, showing honesty, proactivity, ambition, high social and linguistic skills and an enthusiastic strategic bright personality. Later on we both worked again in Spain at the same time. It was always a pleasure to collaborate professionally with Joana and enjoy her lively sense of humor and positive spirit.

Sergio Hamilton | Co-Founder & MCO Vinosenses, San Francisco

Our sales were relying on word of mouth. Joana started working with us and immediately she put in place sales, branding and retail strategies. We’re still working with her for over 2 years now.

EFD | Founder & CEO Argan Meadow

I have attended a lot of different educations during my time as a business leader. What Tiina does with the Avenue Program is that it connects the dots to make the picture complete. This is unique. I’m really excited to see how our results will improve in the future.

Barbro Axelsson | CEO at Durewall Institutet

Tiina is one of the most brilliant business model & systematization minds I know. I would recommend to get her coaching, mentoring, support or picker her smart brain any way you could. Start to listen to one of her many golden tips on her pod, insta, FB or any other social channel.

Maria von Post | Netlight

I am very excited since I just had a business coaching meeting with one of my clients where we did the core exercises and she was so happy!

Floor Schmeitz | Avenue Certified Growth Coach | Founder of PlayBook for Magic

I have been in business for 5 years, however until last year it was more of a sideline to my fulltime job, so I had never really taken it that seriously. I left my fulltime job last year to peruse my dream which worked out harder than I thought!

I signed up to Ali’s course as I wanted to learn about starting up a new business, what I would need to do prior to starting, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc. I learned so much during the course.

The good thing is that it can be applied to any type of business. Ali certainly knows what she is talking about! I would not hesitate in referring someone to this course.


Common Questions & Answers

To be a good fit for the program, you should:

  • Have a business that is already serving clients and making money.
  • Sell services, physical, or digital products based on your expertise. We put you on the right track based on your business model!
  • Have a goal to grow an elegant, premium brand and business.
  • Want to implement professional processes and systems to grow your business.
  • Be ready to implement: this is not education. We will co-build your Growth System, and you need to be willing to do the work.
  • Want to use digital channels in your customer acquisition.
  • Desire to be seen as a leader by your clients, your team, and your audience.


You will start at the Growth Stage and we will help you get to your goals fast and enjoyably.


You can choose. We have designed this to be a hybrid coaching & consulting program where you get the benefits of small group learning (=learn when others ask questions or share ideas you didn’t even think about), private coaching & consultation (=get tailored advice), and online learning (=learn when you can). You can also choose the intensity of your 1:1 coaching and consulting.

We know every business is different, and the needs for support are different. We have designed this program to suit all needs.

Our customers sell services, products, digital products, and physical products using our systems.

They serve in B2B and B2C markets.

So yes, there’s a Growth System for all kinds of business models, and our team will guide you to the right one!


We will grow your BUSINESS, and if it contains several revenue models, brands, or people, we co-create the right strategy for you.

  • Business model? Yes.
  • Brand? Yes.
  • Marketing? Yes.
  • Selling? Yes.
  • Offer? Yes.
  • Pricing? Yes.
  • Messaging & copy? Yes.
  • Budgeting & KPIs? Yes.
  • Strategic planning? Yes.
  • Publicity? Yes.
  • Technical infrastructure? Yes.
  • Tools? Yes.
  • Leadership? Yes.
  • Team building? Yes.

Your investment depends on the level of support you need, starting at $ 3k for the 12-month programming. We accept EUR / USD / SEK, and offer multiple payment options!

Click the button below to access the next step and learn about our tiers, options, and what’s included!

From us – nothing.

Essentially, the tools we help you implement might come with a cost, but we have lots of alternatives for different budgets, including free and premium tools. For example, our favorite CRM system starts at 9 $ / month.

Yes and no.

We will decide your stage followed by what you will be working on during your onboarding. You will access all the projects and materials designed for your stage and current projects. Every time you level up, you will get access to new projects and materials! Focus, remember 🙂

It depends on your stage and what you want. During the onboarding, we help you decide and put you on the right growth stage and track!

After your infusion programming.

Of course!

Each quarter, we do an assessment to see where you are at, and what your next focus would be. Then you get a tailored plan designed for your stage, business model, and ambitions.

Theoretically – yes. Practically, probably not. Growing and scaling take time. But sure, it could happen!

No, you don’t have to. We are experts in teaching non-tech professionals the essential technologies, systems, and integrations.

Want to know our superpower? We make technology so simple that most of our clients even start to like tech. Now, we can’t promise you will develop a deep passion for tech, but we can promise you will dislike it less. Most importantly, you will NOT feel lost in the tech again. 

We alternate the hours to suit different time zones, but the joint calls are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We also have some special Strategy Sessions, but they are all recorded in case you can’t join live!

We set up a schedule that works for you. We meet via Zoom.

You can add the monthly coaching package if you need more 1:1 help. For example, if you decide 6 months into the program that you need monthly 1:1 coaching, then you can add a monthly coaching call package for the remaining 6 months.

We also offer full-day Strategy Consulting for our members for a great rate!

You cannot, however, change from PRIVATE or PREMIER to PRO midway.  A great tip is to start with PRO and add more private coaching should you need it!

You can continue with us on a month-by-month basis if you like.

Honestly – this WILL TAKE TIME. Only join when you are ready to make an intentional decision to level up your business.

Please note this: this should not be in ADDITION to your work, this should be part of your job as the CEO of your business. You need to be able to reserve 6-8 hours per week to get results.

We know you are busy, and that’s why we start with Strategic Time Planning already before the INFUSION! 

No. If you have a business partner, we can create an additional login for her/him/them. You need to, however, build the same business. If you have a family company and several businesses, then each of you needs to get your own seat.

Yes, our Implementation Labs are excellent for your team members, because we help them implement things that help you grow. The coaching is for you only.

You can cancel your participation within 14 days of your start. After 14 days, we will not refund your money or change your payment schedule.

  1. we do NOT teach your same-size-fits-all things. We intentionally decide to work with product, service, and local businesses selling to consumers and corporates to keep our strategic brains evolving
  2. we do NOT only teach you some marketing gimmicks – you will get a full growth system that covers all the 9 Key Growth Assets and a solid Strategic Planning Structure you can use to level up your business
  3. we do NOT allow 1000 people to join the program at a time. You will get the personalized help that the huge programs can’t offer you (despite their big promises)
  4. you will get ready-made assets that you can use in your business. This saves you thousands in graphic designer fees!
  5. we offer 1:1 consulting and coaching for all our program members
  6. you don’t have to change the program or pay more to level up – every business growth stage training is included in your program
  7. you can stay for one year or more. After the initial 12 months, you can stay as a member for as long as it benefits you

But if you want us to have a look at the program that you’re comparing our program with, send us an email and we can have a look!

Yes, of course. If you do the work, you will have a customized system to grow and scale your business.

However, your success depends on your participation and willingness to succeed. We bring the strategies, tactics, and tools – you bring the passion and manpower.

Kindly notice that by law, we need to handle the EU VAT correctly.

If you are a Swedish company –> VAT will be added and you can submit it to the Swedish Government to get it back.

If you have a valid EU VAT number –> no VAT is added. You need to submit your VAT details at the time of purchase, and they cannot be added retrospectively. In case you receive your VAT number later during the program, you can most likely submit the invoice copies to your tax department and receive a refund for the VAT that you have paid. We do not re-create the payment schedule, so kindly make sure you have the VAT number ready before you join if you plan to apply it later.

No valid VAT number (but in the VAT zone) –> VAT will be added. See above in case you apply for a VAT number later while in/after the program.

If you’re outside of the EU VAT zone –> no VAT is added.

If this is confusing, please check with your accountant. We do not offer tax consultation.