We work with experts, service professionals and iconic product brands who want to become digitally confident and build elegant, modern, and scalable companies.

Do you…

  • feel stuck in your business and want to hash out ideas?
  • need guidance on your next big move?
  • want help designing your offer suite and price levels?
  • need to discuss your positioning message?
  • maybe you’re thinking about hiring a marketing firm or embarking on a rebranding journey and need to talk things through before you invest?

Growth Avenue Design


In this project, we design your growth strategy and roadmap. This is a perfect project for you who knows you’re up for great things but have no clear pathway to get there, yet.

You can use this day to get clarity on your plan, get help to map out your offer suite, refine your branding, or layout your sales and marketing system. This could be used to re-position your business and identify the tools that you need to implement. This could be to assess your current marketing channels and create a simple operational plan for improving your channels. Let us know what you want to focus on and we will bring the rigth tools!


  • You have lots of ideas but no clear direction
  • You are unsure about what to do next in your business
  • You have not identified your unique pathway
  • You need advice on a specific topic


  • You have full clarity on what you want
  • You have full clarity on how to get it
  • You have a unique growth map to follow
  • You will be able to implement your next-level business strategy


During the private, full-day strategy consultation, we will

  • do a business growth assessment to determine your stage, needs, and fires
  • strategize on your most pressing challenge 
  • identify the growth activators you need to focus on building
  • co-create our unique growth plan

Before The Day

We will get to work as soon s you have scheduled your day! You will receive a questionnaire that you can fill out so we can start planning. After that, we will have a short call to discuss some ideas and decide on the scope for our consulting day.

You will also get some relevant materials to read / listen / watch before our day!

The Day

  • 3 x 2h workshops with breaks between the sessions (we can accommodate your time zones).
  • We meet virtually in our Zoom room

After The Day

  • Written action plan delivered to you within 5 working days
  • 2 weeks (10 days, Mon-Fri) of Voxer support >> ask anything you forgot to ask, get more guidance, and gain better clarity
  • follow-up call 3 months after the call

Designed for the Business Owner / CEO with or without a team. This is perfect for you who want to hash out your business and revenue models and create a solid growth plan. 


Time: 1 day

Investment: €4 500 (+ ev VAT) We accept EUR / USD / SEK

Find the date that suits you. After the scheduling, you will get a link to pay for your consultation. Kindly notice: we do not offer refunds once we have started the consulting session. If you need to re-schedule your day, you can do it until 48 (2 days) hrs from the beginning of your scheduled consulting session.

Not sure if this is right? 

Email Tiina and ask for details: