What most coaches and consultants do in 3-4 months, we can get done in one day. Book a Strategy Day and get things done.

Do you…

  • feel stuck in your business and want guidance on your next big move?
  • want help designing your business concept: your position, message, offer suite, and price levels?
  • want help designing your signature client experience?
  • want help designing your growth systems: complete sales and marketing systems?


During the private, full-day strategy consultation, we will

  • do a business growth assessment to determine your stage, needs, and fires
  • focus on one of the special projects that you can choose from (see on the right >>)
  • co-create an action plan for you

Before The Day

We will get to work as soon as you have scheduled your day! You will receive a questionnaire that you can fill out so we can start planning. After that, we will have a short call to discuss some ideas and decide on the scope for our consulting day.

You will also get some relevant materials to read / listen / watch before our day!

The Day

  • 3 x 2h workshops with breaks between the sessions (we can accommodate your time zones).
  • We meet virtually in our Zoom room

After The Day

  • Written action plan delivered to you within 5 working days
  • 2 weeks (10 days, Mon-Fri) of Voxer support >> ask anything you forgot to ask, get more guidance, and gain better clarity
  • follow-up call 3 months after the call

Designed for the Business Owner / CEO with or without a team. Select the project you want to work on, and we will tailor it to match your business and stage.


Your Investment: €4 500 / $ 4890 (+ ev VAT) We accept EUR / USD / SEK

Special Projects


  • BUSINESS CONCEPT – in this special project, we map out your business model; idea, messaging, positioning, offer portfolio, and pricing. We define your business model and revenue models and co-create a roadmap to get to your vision.
  • DEMAND GENERATION SYSTEM – in this special project, we map out your complete demand generation system; lead generation, lead nurturing, follow-up, content engine, and tools. We identify the strategy that works for you and the technology that helps you systemize and automate your growth engine.
  • SIGNATURE CLIENT EXPERIENCE – in this special project, we map out your complete 6-steps signature client experience. This project helps you fine-tune your inquiry, sales, onboarding, delivery, offboarding, and leveraging processes to be able to streamline your operations and scale with ease.
  • GROWTH AVENUE DESIGN – in the project, we take an overall look at your business and plans and co-create a high-level growth plan for you. This is perfect for you who do not know what you need right now, feel stuck in your business and want guidance on your next big move.


Don’t know what you need?

You can start by downloading our guide and reading about what kind of work we do in each of the projects.

Still not sure?

Don’t worry, we will talk it through in our preparation call!


Find the date that suits you. After the scheduling, you will get a link to pay for your consultation. Kindly notice: we do not offer refunds once we have started the consulting session. If you need to re-schedule your day, you can do it until 48 (2 days) hrs from the beginning of your scheduled consulting session.

Not sure if this is right?

Email Tiina and ask for details: