In this lesson, we talk about how to construct a sales presentation that you can deliver, for example, as a webinar, video, live, training in person, or at any special occasion where you want to make sales! This can also be used as a lead offer, the end pitch is just slightly different depending on where in the process you use this asset.

Some great rules of thumb: the listeners come to learn from you, so don’t spend overly long time to talk about you and your own journey… unless of course, your journey has a specific meaning in your presentation.

But usually; it has not. Focus on teaching and giving value, and then asking for the next step, if it is consultation, visit to your sales page, or any other Call-to-action.

We cover:

  • what is a webinar & why you too should use webinars to sell
  • what kind of businesses should use webinars
  • what types of webinars there are and the difference
  • what you need to know and have in place before you create a webinar
  • how to stack webinars to build a sales engine
  • tools for different levels