Last Saturday morning, I & Jimmy, my husband, stuffed our kids into our old car and drove to the first (of many, turned out) car dealers. Goal: I’m going to buy a new car for me. I’m very excited, to say the least! 

Kids less so since we more or less forced them to go through every dealer in town to find the best car for me 🙂 (we did bribe them with some goodies though).

Just when we were heading back (since I wanted to get back to my computer to enroll all our newly signed members to the Signature Line program starting next week!), I found out about another car that would fit our needs and had received great reviews. 

Tomorrow, I said. And the rest of the Wolfpack was obviously over the moon. 

So tomorrow, ie Sunday came, and I was fired up! Only problem: the dealers are closed! 

I’m a business concept designer & marketing expert, so my brain couldn’t process this.

Don’t you find it odd that car dealers close on Sundays? Maybe they’re open where you live? Here in Sweden, they seem to be closed. 

If I was a car dealer, or if I ever work with one, this would be one thing I would consider:

  • open on Sundays.
  • get families in.
  • organize a damn brunch with some snacks, film corner for kids, and someone who’s having a presentation about the newest car models.
  • invite the whole neighborhood, particularly neighbors to those who just bought a new car.
  • Facebook ads that invite & remind people.
  • goodie bags to share.
  • make it FUN.

I’m 100% sure that you’d end up with some happy families driving home with a brand new Volvo XC90. If not today, one of these Sundays. 
Weird that so many businesses don’t do the little extra, no?

Oh, I would then most probably keep the doors closed on Mondays because ever met anyone who goes looking to buy a car on a Monday?

Love, Tiina